Data-driven solutions in CPG

Data-driven solutions in CPG

Profit margins in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry are fast dwindling due to rising costs, crippling supply chain mismanagement, and consumer spending habits veering towards frugality.

CPG companies need to leverage advanced analytics, real-time data integration, and predictive modelling to develop and execute data-driven sales and marketing strategies designed to drive revenue growth all year round

Solutions for CPG

Demand forecasting

Get ahead of rapidly changing consumer preferences with accurate demand forecasting. Unlock insights into seasonal trends that lead to powerful sales strategy implementations and build momentum for competitive growth.

Trade promotion planning

Carry out intuitive customer segmentation and targeting with data-backed insights. Develop marketing, pricing, and discount strategies that manipulate consumer purchasing behaviours to boost profitability.

Sales team efficiency

Digitally transform your sales team processes to optimize performance and accelerate success. Tap into data-driven decision making and automation that align territories, routes, and sales goals to eliminate uncertainty.

Transformative Results in CPG

  • 25% improvement in demand forecasting accuracy
  • 20% reduction in stockouts
  • 15% rise in sales during promotional periods
  • 10% reduction in excess inventory post-promotions
  • 30% reduction in lead time-related delays
  • Timely restocking and order fulfilment


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