Established in 2014, we are a data science company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, servicing a diverse client portfolio ranging from SMEs to MNCs in the Southeast Asian and Asia-Pacific regions.

Our primary service offerings of Connected Planning, Business Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning, equip organizations to achieve greater productivity, increased efficiency, and unparalleled risk management using seamless, streamlined automated data analysis.

A cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional management solutions, these transformative business processors offer the respective offices greater organizational insight, empowering better decision-making that aligns with the common goals across the organization.

Having achieved substantial regional recognition during a relatively short operational span and having acquired noteworthy praise from an expanding portfolio of reputed clients, our foundational success in digital transformation has established a premise upon which we seek to pursue an ambitious journey towards global exposure.

Our Vision

  • Our goal is to collaborate with our clients in their digital transformation journey and deliver successful project outcomes.
  • Our commitment aims to foster a reputation built on engaging, inspiring, and challenging our clients leveraging our experience and expertise.
  • Our success will be measured by the strength of our partnerships and the impact of our guidance on our clients’ digital transformation journey.
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