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Transforming the office of finance

Who is Metora?

We are leaders in
Enterprise Performance Management implementation

At Metora we weave financial planning processes & supply chain optimisation together with data science.

We improve processes, reduce reporting time and help you spot anomalies before they happen by actively looking for opportunities to create transformative business processes with machine learning and artificial intelligence. We have three ways to get your business ready for the future. ​ ​

  • EPM solutions to solve complex challenges in Financial Planning & Analysis, Supply Chain and Sales & Operations Planning.
  • We help break down data silos in your organisation by cleaning and connecting data from both structured and unstructured data sources, giving you access to a single source of truth. ​
  • Our reporting and visualisation solutions help your immediate decision-making ability through instant snapshot views of how your business is performing.​

    Digital Transformation

    Our DataOdyssey® takes a big picture view of the state of data, new advances in analytics and innovative use cases. We support your team in breaking down data silos to build a comprehensive Data Fabric, giving you a single source of truth to base your business decisions on. You will now be able to cast your mind onto an array of future opportunities for your business, supercharge your planning processes and set your business up for future success.

    Visualise opportunties

    Utilise our experience in advanced visualisation and reporting

    Make faster decisions

    Our Enterprise Performance Management SME's and model builders will fast track your businesses processes

    Improve accuracy

    Breaking down data silos and connecting ALL your data will make decision making more effective

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    Data Science

    Enterprise AI & ML workshop

    Nowadays, the massive volume of data generated by both humans and machines has been far surpassed our capability to process, interpret and understand, as well

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