Air Asia: FP&A Modelling to Make Air Asia’s Financial Future Fly High

Air Asia - the aviation arm of Capital A - which took off in 2001 with a modest fleet of 2 aircraft and 200 staff, today soars the high skies as Asia’s 4th largest airline, boasting a fleet of over 200 aircraft and a 21,000+ strong staff scattered across the Asian continent. 

Our Solution

We designed a Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) model that equipped Air Asia with a framework to predict its financial performance on a quarterly basis. 

The FP&A model enabled Air Asia’s commercial and finance users to: 

  • Update forecast drivers for each line of business
  • View real-time forecast Profit or Loss (P&L) and Balance Sheet (BS) builds 
  • View reports and analysis based on the forecast process 

We delivered

1. Customized process re-engineering consultations 

2. Industry-best FP&A model building

3. Timely project management​


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