Kimberly-Clark: Leveraging Financial Planning Solutions to Drive Revenue Growth

Kimberly-Clark, a global powerhouse in the essential and personal care products manufacturing industry, driven by its purpose to deliver ‘Better Care for a Better World’ - powered by a global team of 45,000 employees - offers its products in over 175 countries and boasts over 151 years of industrywide experience.

Our Solution

We developed a ‘single source of truth’ overhead cost planning model for Kimberly-Clark which accommodates 2,000 cost centre owner inputs of over 11,000 cost centres, across 70 of the countries in which Kimberly-Clark products are sold. 

We also built Kimberly-Clark a Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting model that strategically allocates $3 billion USD of capital to meet predefined goals while leveraging forecast data to navigate organizational challenges.

We’ve also developed a financial model to plan compensation costs and intercompany transfers for Kimberly-Clark’s 45,000 employees.

We delivered:

1. Customized change management consulting

2. Seamless software integration

3. Best-in-class financial model configuration

4. Timely project management


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