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Let's talk Data Science

Enterprise AI & ML workshop

Nowadays, the massive volume of data generated by both humans and machines has been far surpassed our capability to process, interpret and understand, as well as make complex and informed decisions to achieve strategic outcomes. Therefore, it is foreseeable that humans will be heavily reliant on the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in their future activities.

In the second half of 2020 and beyond, Enterprise AI will become a critical component of companies’ strategy to recover from crisis and bring more preparedness for the future via AI systems that are persistent and resilient.

Join the webinar to delve into AI use cases to start right now, plus get some strategic guidance and practical advice from our data science experts to ensure your AI preparedness for future disruption and challenges.

By the end of this session, you will get insights on:

• The concept of Data Science and how Enterprises embark on the digital transformation journey

• How Enterprise AI could help the organisations to succeed in a data driven economy

• Demo on how an analytics leader that has been tasked with ensuring that your data analytics product – a logistic regression model, a data prep tool, etc. actually produces value for the business.

• An example of how to overcome roadblocks and pave their path to Enterprise AI

Webinar Agenda:

11:00 am – Welcome and Introduction

11:10 am – The Concept of Data Science & Digital Transformation Journey by Metora

11.30 am – Your Path to Enterprise AI by Dataiku

11:50 am – Q&A Session

About Dataiku:

From analytics at scale to enterprise AI, Dataiku connects people, technologies, and processes to remove roadblocks along the data journey. With a centralized, controlled environment that’s a common ground for data experts and explorers alike, Dataiku provides a shortcut to deployment and model management for a data-powered company.

About Metora:

Metora is a Malaysian-based data science business focused on providing AI & ML driven EPM solutions.