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Data Odyssey®

Understand your data journey

DataOdyssey® is the data discovery phase of a business to understand their current data environment. We ask what data you have, how it is generated, how it is stored and how it is used. We also ask the critical question of what is missing, and what processes can be improved or removed. This odyssey is a journey into how data enters and exits the business, and the process in between.
Our clients use the DataOdyssey to discover the following insights: To gain an understanding of the strategic technology direction of their business To understand how their current IT data infrastructure is composed To clarify expectations and strategic plan for business digital transformation

Understand how you can improve your data flow for better results

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Possibility Engine®

Getting value from your data

Our Possibility Engine takes a big picture view of the state of data, new advances in analytics and innovative use cases. We use this process to show the possibilities available to business to transition to becoming a business of the future. By having all the available technology and use-cases presented to you without the constraints of budget, you can use blue ocean thinking to visualise how your business can take advantage of data science. You will be able to cast your mind into an array of future opportunities for your business and start your planning process now, and set your business up for future success.

Understand how to build a pipeline of AI & ML driven opportunities

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Data visualisation

Dashboards & reporting

We create dashboards and reports on all major visualisation tools to give you the data you want when you want it and how you want to see it.
Our team has a combination of both model builders and data architects who are able to bring together the data you have in various silos in your business.

Metora supports all your reporting needs

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Data virtualisation

Transformative technology for data driven businesses

Data Virtualization is one of the most important developments in the digital transformation process. Our data virtualization services offer you:
  • A single source of truth
  • Data catalogues
  • Predictive forecasting
  • Legacy data encapsulation
  • Full data security and governance
  • Data marketplace
  • Real time delivery in any data format
  • weaving your data fabric

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    Bringing your data to life with AI & ML

    The transformative nature of the data science movement means that your business has the opportunity to leapfrog the competition and bring more value to your customers and other stakeholders. 

    Imaging being able to drill through over 400 million rows of data and derive insights from it in a matter of seconds? We do. Ask us how.